RAI specializes in Architectural, Commercial and Industrial metal design, fabrication and installation. Our experience and state of the art equipment allows RAI to work with our clients to produce the highest level of quality products.

RAI has been in operation since 1986; fabricating and installing some of the most unique architectural / industrial components both locally and nationally. RAIcan design, fabricate and install virtually all of your custom metal components and building enclosure requirements.


Design & Engineering

Starting with an ideological sketch to working from your 3D computer model, RAI can provide assistance from the beginning of the project through various stages to completion.  Our modeling capabilities allow us to test designed and engineered components from fit up prior to fabrication.  This information translates to fabrication and finally out into the field to ensure that the elements we make are going to fit up properly on the job site.

Expedited Processing

We recognize that sometimes an emergency situation arises; a specialty part breaks or something was over looked on a new project. It happens and we understand that. When you experience a similar situation, RAI has the capability to respond and produce the components you need when you need them.

Custom Fabrication

We have the right people, equipment and expertise to custom fabricate any component that can be designed and built of metal from light to heavy gauge sheet metal up to 1-inch-thick steel plate. Over the years, customers return to RAI with requests to make a growing variety of objects to help them make repairs to existing equipment or create a unique item for their project. Our ability to provide high quality products and quick lead-times at a reasonable price, keep customers returning to work with RAI.



At the end of the day, RAI wants our team to be able to go home to their family. That is why we have placed a high emphases on safety and efficiency. We begin our bids thinking about the installation sequence. For that reason, our field personal play a key roll in developing our quote and that plays a big role in helping us maintain one of the best safety ratings in the region.


RAI offers a variety of finishes to suit your project’s particular needs. With our abilities in this area, we are able to provide you with a custom weathering steel finish for a school, a copper patina in a high end sea food restaurant or or even a super black steel finish inside a high tech software company. Your options only expand from there: Galvanized, Kynar, Liquid Polymers and Powder Coatings are among the solutions RAI can offer you.



RAI utilizes both in house custom fabricated solutions and pre-manufactured products depending on our client’s needs.  We strive to work with the Design Team to develop a solution that meets both the aesthetic intent while focusing on staying within our customer’s budget.


Over the years RAI has helped develop solutions for our customers to create the aesthetics they were looking for pertaining to different wall panels.  Formed shingles, plate systems, aluminum composites and foam panels are just a few types of products that we utilize.


RAI utilizes both custom fabricated solutions and pre-manufactured products.  Flat seam, standing seam (varying profiles) and foam panels are a few options of roof panels that we utilize. These products offer long term performance and durability.  Talk to us on how you can look forward to 20 years of performance on your project’s roof.


RAI has developed a patented roof curb system that is integral with ease of installation and water tightness.  These unique roof curb units can be configured to any type profile roof panel and can be utilized for skylights, HVAC units and more.  These are currently being utilized on numerous Butler Roof systems and many other types across the country.


While gutters and downspouts come to mind first, Drainage Solutions covers a wider topic than just those two elements.  From flashings & trims to all points in between, RAI has solutions to help manage whatever water control is required for your project.


We specialize in industrial and architectural fabrication using steel, aluminum and stainless steel. We assist with concepts from hand sketches to 3D models, working with our clients to fabricate materials utilizing the wide variety of equipment and expertise we have, including laser, punch and assembly.


Managing large quantities of dust is a key component to job safety.  Whether you need cyclones, APS collectors or airlocks, we can fabricate a system to meet your specifications.


There are many components that the manufacturing industries count upon to do their jobs.  Machine guards & safety fencing, collection & drip pans, railings and other safety devices all play key rolls in keeping employees safe and keeping equipment running safely.  RAI offers several solutions that solve for a variety of these conditions, let us know how we can help you out.


RAI has specialized in designing & fabricating a wide variety of collectors, ducts, diverters and reducers for a number of clients involved in the manufacturing of all types of insulation.  Our customers have had a number of very specific requests over the years and RAI has been pleased to have these opportunities.


Plate work, by definition, requires heavy duty components: support brackets, pump stands, flanges, frames or bail hooks. We have the ability to cut and shape heavy plate steel to meet your project’s particular specifications.


Ornamental Metal Fabrication is a key component of Architectural Metal Fabrication as the two go hand and hand. RAI provides assistance to our clients to develop custom fabricated solutions. Please be sure to check back here on a regular basis to see what new projects we are working on.


Corners define a project’s edges and canopies provide additional character. If a project has just one signature element, often it’s the entry canopy.  RAI can assist with developing solutions for providing the final aesthetic appearance or with developing the entire canopy in its entirety.


In today’s energy efficient architectural climate, sunshades can go a long way to reduce heat gain as well as provide a unique aesthetic element to the project.  RAI provides custom sunshade solutions to meet your specific requirements and pre-manufactured units from a variety of different manufacturers.


Louver assemblies do more than provide shade from the sun. Louvers provide for exhaust, fresh air and water control.  RAI can create a custom louver to fit any application.


Today, there is no escaping the fact our laser is a key fabrication tool and has been utilized to provide a new dimension to all our fabricated products.  Our laser is state of the art, cutting 1” steel plate, ¾” aluminum, ¾” stainless steel and a variety of other materials such as copper, brass and zinc.  RAI can utilize our laser cut products teamed with our other fabrication equipment to create the most dynamic products imaginable.


Much of the work RAI fabricates relies upon structural steel components to support it. While that work is typically executed by another trade, frequently they turn to us when it comes to fabricating complex components requiring precise fittings and connections.

From fittings of various sizes, embedded or bolt pattern templates, to work platforms or the complete support structure, RAI has the equipment, the engineering knowledge and the people to make your project a reality.  Send us a sketch, a drawing or bring us a broken component.  We can take your parts through design, 3D modeling, engineering, fabrication, coating, assembly, package and delivery to your front door – or, bring it in thru the service bay. 

Have a look at the gallery below for examples of our structural steel components, and see Related Work to learn more about some of our projects.

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