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H. Lee Moffit Cancer Center & Research Institute

Central Plant Equipment Build-Out
Tampa, FL

609db5_15212b9a25deb850aa9a74aff377650eHLEE-MOFFITThis project included expansions to the structure as well as installing (2) 2200 ton chillers and cooling towers, 5 MBTU Cleaver Brooks boilers and associated piping and controls. Also included was the expansion to the electric distribution gear and associated controls.

  • PROJECT OWNER: Moffit Hospital
  • 12902 Magnolia Drive, Tampa, Fla. 33612
  • Phone: (813) 745-4673
  • Contact: Dean Head


  • START DATE: April 2004
  • COMPLETION DATE: January 2005
  • COST: $10 million
  • ARCHITECT: Ellerbe Beckett
  • ENGINEER: Affiliated Engineers SE., Inc.


Lakeside Behavioral Health | Orlando, FL

609db5_b26ec6b6798e4b930c49e5bbcd86e775Randall Mechanical was in charge of installing (1) 430 Ton Water Cooling Chiller, (1) 430 Ton Cooling Tower, (2) 1,032 gpm Primary Chilled water pumps, (1) 1,290 gpm Condenser water pump, (2) Chilled water FCU’s. Randall also provided: all chilled water and condenser piping, supports, valves, fittings, control devices and pipe insulation for all new equipment and the existing hot water system in room 101 only, provide air pressure testing of welds and piping system prior to insulation and introduction of water. Install and pipe Fan Coil Units. Provide sheet metal exhaust duct, exhaust fan w/ curb, louver, and sheet metal sleeving for motorized damper.  Erected in place a new cooling tower. Provide additional DDC controls to link new equipment to existing control system for operation per Specifications. Install chemical treatment equipment and chemicals w/ 1 year of service per specs.  In addition to these duties, Randall performed Test and Balance, Line voltage wiring, Concrete work.



  • Project Duration: 6 Months
  • Completion Date: Aug. 2010
  • Project Cost: $750,000
  • Project Scope: Mechanical 32,700 SQFT
  • Architect: Fred Humphrey, Jeff Smith
  • Engineer: TLC Engineers
  • Tons of Cooling: 430


Nemours Children’s Hospital


Randall Mechanical was responsible for the installation of Sheet Metal Ductwork, Miami- Dade approved Louvers, Boiler and Condenser Boiler Flues, Generator Exhaust Plenums, Fire Dampers, Combination Fire-Smoke Dampers, Cable operated dampers for access to MVD above inaccessible ceilings, access doors Flexible Duct Connectors, Air Distribution, Flexible Duct and Spin-Ins, Sheet Metal Shop Drawings, BIM, Duct Leakage Test, Duct Cleanliness at SMACNA Advanced Level, Tie-downs for roof mounted exhaust fans and intake vents only. In addition, Randall Mechanical installed VAV/ PIU/ FPB Boxes, Fans, Fan curbs, Fan Isolators, and Support Steel or Equipment Rails, Air curtains, Motorized Control Dampers, Barometric, Counter Balanced, Duct mounted humidifier, Air Flow Monitors, Smoke Detectors, and Relief/ Intake Hoods

PROJECT OWNER: Nemours Children’s Hospital


  • Completion Date: Aug. 2011
  • Project Cost: $685,000
  • Project Scope: Ductwork (CEP) 37,600 SQFT
  • Architect: Perkins & Will
  • Engineer: TLC




This project included the replacement of all Chilled Water Piping, Plumbing, and ductwork feeding the catheter laboratories and the installation of new Liebert equipment to remove heat from the electrical equipment and transfer it to the chilled water loop in the facility. We had to Hot Tap the existing chilled water lines to avoid any disruption to the operational hospital. Upon ACHA inspection we as the mechanical and plumbing contractor had (0) ACHA comments or issues with our work, we stayed on site for an extra day to assist the General Contractor bring the catheter bed installation up to ACHA’s standards. We were responsible for all Infection Control, negative air machines, monitoring, for this project and through open communication we had no safety issues for anyone involved.  All ICRA and ILSM regulations were discussed before during and after this job to ensure proper procedures were followed, this again proved to ensure a safe, responsible, and efficient installation for this facility.



This project included new ductwork, medical gas, and plumbing to project area, again this was accomplished safely and responsibly through good open communication.  No ACHA issues or comments were encountered on this project whatsoever. All ICRA was handled by us including partitions, Negative air machines, monitoring, ILSM plans were developed with the hospital personnel, the GC and coordinated through us. This facility is over 1 Million square feet, the project location was in the middle of the building, therefore the ILSM plan proved to be a challenge but was overcome by our team.



This project required the replacement of (1) 300 ton air-cooled chiller.  We devised a plan with the facility to provide a temp chiller during the shipment of the new chiller due to the poor condition of the existing chiller, once this was up and running the actual change out of the chillers went very smoothly, all piping was done out of schedule 80 PVC and insulated with foam glass insulation with an aluminum jacket to polish up the installation, at the end of the day the owner was more than pleased and has called us back for multiple jobs since.



This project required the complete plumbing renovation of (60) patient rooms (2) at a time including (6) Operating Rooms and all Med-gas outlets and piping associated with these rooms.  During the course of this job we encountered multiple obstacles due to the age of the facility, through careful planning and communication with nursing staff, facilities personnel, and other trades we were able to complete our tasks although sometimes at odd hours successfully and without injury or any accidents whatsoever, the safety of all involved was taken into account everyday of this job, from the patients to the nurses, janitorial, doctors, and construction workers alike. No ACHA issues or comments were received for this job whatsoever.